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My name is Annie Campbell and 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism. Over the years of treatments, therapies and schools (with my son) I have learned countless techniques for dealing with children with special needs. Through my experience in primary, I have come up with some specific tips to create a happy atmosphere in church.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teacher trainings

I've been asked by a couple primary presidencies to come and do teacher trainings for their wards. I've decided I love this idea and want to help as many people as I can. So, if you live within 30 miles of Orem, Utah and would like me to come help educate your ward primary teachers about how to create happy and productive classroom environments, let me know! Leave me a comment or email me at Annie@Primaryangels.com.

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  1. Annie came and did a teacher training in our ward (actually we combined three wards) and she was wonderful!! If you have special needs kids and are having any kind of a training, I totally recommend having her come.