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My name is Annie Campbell and 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism. Over the years of treatments, therapies and schools (with my son) I have learned countless techniques for dealing with children with special needs. Through my experience in primary, I have come up with some specific tips to create a happy atmosphere in church.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Working together

Recently I had a child in my class throwing a tantrum because he wanted his mom. Now he's almost 6 and I've taught him before so I know this just means he wants to get out of primary. Not that he's feeling insecure or something similar. So I took him to the hall (so that the the rest of primary isnt disturbed) and I calmly express to him about how we act in primary and as soon as he calms down we can go back in. About 10 min in to the the power struggle, a fellow teacher and the child's neighbor, tries to help by taking him with her to the younger class. I understand that she was trying to help so it didn't upset me but it did frustrate me. It was then I realized the importance of communicating and working as a team. If I had informed the primary presidency of my plan for the child, this teacher would have known I had things under control, even though it may have appeared to others differently. I know with my son I always try to communicate my wishes and plan of action to support. I did learn from this experience and since have spoken to the parents of the child, primary presidency and everyone else involved about how we will handle similar situations. It can cause confusion with the child about who is in charge as well as who to listen to if their isn't a clear plan for all parties about what their role will be.

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