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My name is Annie Campbell and 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism. Over the years of treatments, therapies and schools (with my son) I have learned countless techniques for dealing with children with special needs. Through my experience in primary, I have come up with some specific tips to create a happy atmosphere in church.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Consistency rules

There will be days where everything is going wrong. Kids won't stay in there seats, stop talking, or even listen to you. Infact, That describes my day perfectly. And after all the work I've done to get the kids to the point where they are, days like today can be nothing but frustrating. It's especially important on these days to remember to be patient and keep going. I try to tell myself mentally "consistency rules". You can't judge your successes on one day so you also can't judge your failures either based on one day. Just try to survive on the rough days and stay focused on your goals.

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