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My name is Annie Campbell and 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism. Over the years of treatments, therapies and schools (with my son) I have learned countless techniques for dealing with children with special needs. Through my experience in primary, I have come up with some specific tips to create a happy atmosphere in church.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lesson help

So when I started this blog, I said that I would never give lesson advice but I'm about to do just that. Over the last 4 almost 5 years of teaching very young primary kids I've learned something. I always try to make my lessons interesting but some are better than others. What I've realized is that the best lessons are when I'm animated and try to make the scripture stories more like a super hero type story. The last one I did was the story of King Noah and Abinidi and Alma. I could tell the kids were going to be lost and bored right away if I didn't do something drastic. So I acted it out. It's horribly embarrassing but completely worth it if the kids are listening and get something from it.

Tis last lesson I tried something different. There was a story about a boy who took something from a store without paying. So I asked a boy in my class, who usually doesn't pay much attention to the stories, what his favorite name is. He responded with "Indiana Jones". My story sounded something like is: "Indiana Jones didn't like that his mom said he couldn't have the toy he wanted. So guess what he did? He watched his mom and as soon as she turned her back, he took it and put it in his pocket. But when he got home and started to play with it, Indiana didn't feel very good. Why do you think he didn't feel good?". All the kids thought it was hysterical that I used that name. But they also listened.

Just a couple thought!

I hope things are going well for everyone and that your having a good summer!

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